People of the khalahari. The nana is so cute!

Naro bushman (San) mother with child, Central Kalahari, Botswana, © Ariadne Van Zandbergen


~Lovely~ Exhibition of baskets from Botswana at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London.


Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa made from the fruit of the African marula tree. Ingredients: 3 parts brewed coffee - 1 part Amarula - brown sugar, to taste - whipped cream, to taste - garnish with cinnamon, if desired

Traditional samp and beans

Traditional samp and beans (South African hominy with beans) Read Recipe by foodieslove

Botswana basket :)

Botswana is known for its handwoven baskets, many of which are produced in the northern district of Ngamiland.

Phaleche :)

Nshima, a sub-Saharan African staple of grounded maize and water paste.

Spar letta is the best

Spar-Letta is the stuff that small children run on in SA😂 best sugar rush ever

Dumplings/Madombi from Botswana

Dumplings/Madombi from Botswana

Botswana baskets

Risultati immagini per Botswana baskets

That moment when you bite into a legwinya :)

Mandasi and Magwinya (Fat cakes)

Traditional dance... Talent.

Around the year 1200 the Tswana people moved into the area as part of the Bantu migration. Pictured are some traditional Tswana dancers. Aside: sorry about the interruption in Botswana from last weekend. I had some pinning issues.

Seswaa, from Botswana

Seswaa, from Botswana mmmmmm, looks yummy!

Spar-letta creme soda: it's so smooth!- every mokalaka's favourite mmmmm!

Spar-letta creme soda: it's so smooth!- every mokalaka's favourite mmmmm!