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Delicious Olives and Olive Oils

The residents 'olive farmer', Pieter's wife Annalene, has turned this rich harvest into a thriving industry with an ever-expending, innovative range. Drawing on the traditions of Mediterranean countries, she is expanding the non-culinary uses of olive oil into the area of beauty products. These items, together with novel fragranced 'play dough', are on sale at the farm, most outlets that supply Kloovenburg wines and selected delicatessens.
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The rich soil of the Swartland has certainly been good to the Kloovenburg estate. Producing quality olive oil, olive products and wine, this estate is owned and managed by husband-and-wife team Pieter and Annalene du Toit. Pieter du Toit (Snr) purchased the estate in 1958 and set about expanding and improving the vineyards, only introducing olive orchards to the estate 16 years ago. Now, Kloovenburg is recognised as one of the top 15 producers of extra virgin olive oil in the world.Says…


Moskonfyt is a very old and traditional South African delicacy. The grapes are pressed and fermented, the result of this process is grapemust. The grapemust is then reduced, a very long process which has no other additives. This is a secret Kloovenburg family recipe. Moskonfyt was traditionally eaten on fresh homemade bread with a knife and fork as it soaks into the bread.