Albertus Vd Merwe

Albertus Vd Merwe

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Albertus Vd Merwe
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Maid - Pushing things under the carpet, revealing the true substance for a moment. The Maid is a parody of governmental services.

Shut up and consume | Anonymous ART of Revolution

I think this image fits under Capitalism because Capitalists want to make profit so their saying to "Shut up and Consume", so they can make money.

Bryce – Resistor...

Bryce Chisholm, *abcartattack on deviantART, is a mixed-media stencil artist. His intricate paintings are filled with vibrant colors and pop influences. While exploring the history and unknown parts.

The Grand Budapest Hotel flat • Inspired Magazine

"The Flat Budapest Hotel" is a infographic-style series of illustrations inspired by the Wes Anderson's “The Grand Budapest Hotel” movie. Illustration by Lorena G - Mai 2014