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Non è solo un sogno, il regno di Gesù Cristo porterà l'inversione della vecchiaia! (♥) ha la Bibbia e sussidi didattici basati in 700 + lingue. ...

This is absolutely amazing A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember to have compassion for the elderly in your life. The person they once were is still a part of who they are today. Remember them, love them, respect them.

Same place, different time. Wow. That's amazing.

Never Forget Ghost's And Tyrants Of History Past, Same place, different time. will history repeat?

15 Things that you may not know. Caution, use common sense with some of these

The mosquito bite only works with roll on liquid deodorant we use it at the campground all the time<<< Good to know


Cloud lights ♥ one of the most awesome ideas ever. Use: cotton batting, a paper lantern, & 3 flameless candles. Pull at cotton batting til it looks fluffy & cloud-like; & hot glue it all around the lantern. Add lights to lantern. Clouds are ready to hang!


That dirtbag should be poisoned instead! try not to cry.I'm always emotional to these things.<< who the hell poisons a dog? That scumbag should be poisoned

I just adore her. o-o

hehehe i love her! fave actress~ im so happy she was in the harry potter films! its like a reason to love her even more!

Harry Potter characters: book versions vs. movie versions. Very true. "Feeds Harry a pastry."

Fuck whoever made this. This is unacceptable. Become a Percy Jackson fan and watch the movies then complain, doofus. Be happy about the movie u got.

They're all in this together (or should I say "they were" )

They're all in this together (or should I say "they were" ) << I hate life, and I hate Shonda thank you Shonda for ruining my life