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The potential for digital health in the UK - GREAT information about how digital health has tons of potential to be successful.

The potential for digital health in the UK --- from 'Intellect' the, "go-to organisation for the UK tech industry. It is the trade association for the UK's tech sector, which represents developers and suppliers of digital technology and services"

Did you know that we sit for an average of seven hours a day? Learn how excessive sitting can have a negative impact on your health and ways you can add more movement into your day

How often do you find yourself sitting during the day? Make a conscious effort to get up and move often so not to negatively affect your health.

Darma: Sit smart for a healthy body and mind by Darma Inc. » Do you know what healthy sitting habits look like? — Kickstarter

Infographic: Why Prolonged Sitting & Standing Are Bad For You Sitting too much will probably shorten your life. Entrepreneurs sit a lot. No wonder recently this new smart cushion Darma became instantly popular on Kickstarter.