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💥Clearance Sale💥Handcrafted Colorful Solar Lighted Mushroom
a wooden shelf filled with lots of plants
12 Golden Hautpflege Tipps
an image of a window display with fake plants in the front and behind it is a mannequin's head wearing a scarf
there is a fake polar bear and two other bears on display in the store window
Portland: A World In Windows
a store window with an orange and blue dress on display
Search: anthropologie display
Anthropologie display dress
two napkins with flowers in them sitting on a tableclothed surface, next to each other
pocket full of wildflowers...could do this on a big scale & use as backdrop...
a woman sitting in front of a display of clothes on racks and hanging from the ceiling
Paper Plates = Art
Augh! Just Paper Plates!
a blue table topped with lots of plates and cups next to a painting on the wall
Anthropologie displays
a large white chandelier hanging from the ceiling
shopping christmas past
Anthropologie display made from cut paper.
there are many cards on display at this event
The Big Crafty
print display - this looks really clever!
an outdoor market with many items on display
*Maynard Greenhouse
Step ladder as part of a display
a room filled with lots of different types of pots and pans
Faded Charm
Faded Charm @ Home & Garden Show 2012
a mannequin with several necklaces on it
~White Wednesday # 138~
Faded charm cottage
two sisters home store front with chandelier in the window and furniture on display
Tine K Home
Maybe one day "Three Sisters" ... That would be a dream come true!
the table is covered with many different fabrics
Administrative Quarantine
great table skirt.
several dresses hanging on a rack in front of a door
Creative Clothing Organization
a vintage shutter for hanging clothing or what have you...
an old fashion store with lots of necklaces and jewelry hanging on the wall next to a mirror
A Tour of Whimsy in Morris, IL - Jennifer Rizzo
there are many necklaces hanging on the wall
Very cool idea for product/sample display.
there is a table that has some luggage on it and many other things in front of it
Craft show / Unique LA:
Love this craft show display
an outdoor kitchen with pots and pans on the outside wall, next to a porch
Visiting Beekman 1802 Mercantile in Sharon Springs, New York - The Martha Stewart Blog
a booth with many items on display in it
Account Suspended
Chicken wire
there are some necklaces that are on top of books
What a fun night!
Whimsy: necklace on burlap card
dried lavender flowers are sitting on a tablecloth with a tag that says peony & sage
Gallery | Peony & Sage
Price tags with logos
an old fashioned tent with clothes and other items
The Barn House Flea...
a tent that is set up for an event
Hide poles and display with large window screens & vintage shutters
an outdoor flea market with chairs and tables under a tent that says paris coutre
Just a Few Photo's of Our June Show Early Friday Morning Before We Opened
Paris Cowgirl / Photo's of Our June TVM 2012 Show Early Friday Morning Before We Opened
an outdoor market with lots of items on display
Besserina Show Display at 2012 Country Living Fair