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the inside of an old building with lots of windows and plants growing on the ground
Abandoned Spaces by James Kerwin
There is an arresting stillness in the photography of James Kerwin. The Norwich-based photographer explores abandoned buildings and the empty spaces.
an old stone house covered in green plants and vines with a window on the side
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Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve, Nicaragua
an outdoor table and chairs in the middle of a gravel path with trees on either side
Fountain au Loup, Haute Provence
Fountain au Loup, Haute Provence
rows of lavender flowers in the foreground, with houses in the distance and trees on the other side
Leonardo Carrero (@leoncarrero)
Lavender Fields
lavender fields in the countryside with houses and trees
Summer Harvest
Castle Farm lavender harvest in Shoreham, Kent, England • photo: Nigel Morton on Flickr
an aerial view of a circular bridge over water
Бесконечный мост,Орхус, Дания
Бесконечный мост,Орхус, Дания - Путешествуем вместе
a bridge over a body of water with boats on it
Clare College Bridge - Cambridge University, UK The oldest of Cambridge's bridges built in 1639 by Thomas Gumbold
the mountains are covered in fog and low lying trees, with no leaves on them