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Food & Family: South African Rusks -The Recipe Rusk Recipe, South African Recipes, Family Meals, Family Recipes, Meals For One, Christmas Baking, Summer Recipes, I Foods, Baked Goods

Rusks Revisited

South African rusks recipe has to be the single biggest search term that brings new visitors to my blog. It seems that there are an awful lot of ex-pat South Africans desperate for a good rusk to dip in their rooibos tea, stranded in foreign lands where the only option is to bake your own. And not only ex-pats: my sister-in-law turned to Google when looking for a new rusk recipe and found the recipe she picked from the search results rather familiar – she’d ended up on my blog with the same…

Mulberry muffins - a delicious and easy recipe Cantaloupe Recipes, Radish Recipes, Fruit Recipes, Baking Recipes, Cheddarwurst Recipe, Frangipane Recipes, Mulberry Recipes, Thermomix

Berry Muffins Too Early On A Weekend Morning

It’s early for a weekend morning. Consciousness dawns and with it a reminder that I need to bake muffins for my husband to take in to his photography workshop. Semi-awake, it’s out to the mulberry tree, early sunshine flirting with clouds to see who will be the dominant partner today. The tree is usually dripping with ripe berries, but it was well raided yesterday and I have to look carefully under leaves and in between branches to fill my cup. Sift together dry ingredients. Mix together wet…

South African Crustless Milk Tart A couple of days ago, on a winter afternoon, with an over-supply of milk from the weekend about to hit it. South African Desserts, South African Dishes, South African Recipes, Africa Recipes, Custard Recipes, Tart Recipes, Baking Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Dessert Ideas

South African Milk Tart Recipe

South African Crustless Milk Tart A couple of days ago, on a winter afternoon, with an over-supply of milk from the weekend about to hit its sell by date, I suddenly had a yen for a nice, creamy rice pudding. The sort that you can throw into the oven and come back to a couple of hours later for a dose of starchy, stomach-warming, central heating. Long, long ago as students revising for our finals, this was our standby. One of us would assemble the ingredients and chuck it into the oven. Our…

Cape Gooseberry pavlova with passion fruit. Delicious slightly tart fruit and meltingly sweet meringue Gooseberry Recipes, Cape Gooseberry, Best Dessert Recipes, Fun Desserts, Family Meals, Family Recipes, Pavlova, Baking Recipes, Tart

Cape Gooseberry Pavlova for the Taste of Yellow Monthly Mingle

Pavlova with Cape Gooseberries and Passion fruit The yellowest things in our garden right now are the Cape gooseberries, golden globes hidden away in their papery lantern cases, their tart sweetness adding to the vitamin C overload that is South Africa’s winter fruit salad. We really have more vitamin C in winter than in summer here, our trees laden with guavas from April till August, oranges by the sack-full a whole lot cheaper than potatoes, lemon trees, naartjies (clementines, mandarin…

Ostrich Fillet and Butternut Kebabs - Braai the Beloved Country Braai Recipes, Meat Recipes, Quesadillas, Ostrich Meat, Taco Bell, Starch Foods, Marinated Lamb, Chicken Wings Spicy, Healthy Grains

Ostrich Fillet and Butternut Kebabs - Braai the Beloved Country

When it comes to braai recipes, our family tends to go for the same old favourites again and again. Spicy chicken wings, marinated lamb chops, chicken in foil, chicken kebabs, boerewors and more boerewors and, for special occasions, a whole fillet of beef in sea salt and black pepper. But I reckoned that Cooksisters Braai the Beloved Country event called for something new, something to get my foodie creative juices flowing again in honour of Braai Day. A friend suggested this ostrich steak…

Food & Family: Sag Aloo – My Indian Cooking Quest (Madhur Jaffrey’s recipe) Supper Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Aloo Recipes, Indian Cookbook, Aloo Gobi, Cooked Cabbage, Fried Fish Recipes

Sag Aloo – My Indian Cooking Quest

Now that Lamb dopiaza (made with beef!) and Aloo gobi have made it into my repertoire of regular family recipes, I’m on the lookout for more easy and tasty Indian recipes. I’ve set myself an ambitious target. My husband’s 50th is fast approaching. The usually suspects are invited for supper, then to be inveigled into boogying on down to some classic 70s and 80s music. He is really enjoying the spices that are finding their way into ordinary weekday suppers, now that the kids are developing…

Malva Pudding with Apricot Jam and Gazanias Some of you gave such a rapturous reception to the crustless milk tart recipe that I thought I. Tart Recipes, My Recipes, Baking Recipes, Favorite Recipes, Family Recipes, Recipies, Lemon And Lime Cheesecake, No Bake Vanilla Cheesecake, Pudding Desserts

Malva Pudding Recipe

Malva Pudding with Apricot Jam and Gazanias Some of you gave such a rapturous reception to the crustless milk tart recipe that I thought I'd try out another of my sister-in-law's recipes for this typical South African pudding as a contribution to Johanna's hosting of Sugar High Friday. The theme is local sweet specialities. As an English girl transplanted to South Africa I've done a fair bit of transplanting and dissemination of some of my native recipes but have also adopted plenty of local…

Italian Spinach Torta recipe from Marcella Hazan. Great main dish for vegetarians. Family Recipes, Family Meals, Torta Recipe, Crispy Roast Potatoes, Marcella Hazan, Spinach Rice, Sunday Roast, I Want To Eat, Orzo

Spinach Torta For Sunday Lunch

A Sunday roast tends to be meat-centric by its very definition. The crispy roast potatoes, the steamed veggies, the baked butternut are all there to cluster around in a supporting role to the main meat event on the plate. So what do you add to the array if you have a vegetarian joining you for Sunday lunch? They might of course be perfectly happy with fresh steamed vegetables, roasted butternut chunks and roast potatoes, but it still feels to me like there isn’t a centrepiece to hold the…

Lamb Dopiaza recipe - the other half of the picture is a delicious fragrant and tender curry. Family Recipes, Family Meals, New Recipes, Gobi Recipes, Bend It Like Beckham, Aloo Gobi, Net Curtains, Supper Recipes, Lamb

Aloo Gobi - The recipe

“She helped me wash the net curtains and she made lovely aloo gobi last week. ...” Ever since watching Bend It Like Beckham ( a movie we loved so much when we first got the DVD that we watched it ten times in a row), I’ve had a vague desire to learn to make aloo gobi myself. I didn’t actually know what it was, but it sounded so satisfying, especially when Jess’ mother pronounced it. But I was cooking for small kids at the time and the most adventurous we got was chicken korma. A few weeks…

Our veggie garden is in prolific spring mode – for a few weeks we have fresh peas in gluttonous abundance, it’s all or nothing, famine or f. Family Recipes, Family Meals, Quiche Recipes, Supper Recipes, Muffin, Veggies, Fresh, Breakfast, Garden

Quiche Recipe with Fresh Peas

Our veggie garden is in prolific spring mode – for a few weeks we have fresh peas in gluttonous abundance, it’s all or nothing, famine or feast; when it comes to petits pois, there is no such thing as moderation. Now the broad beans are all demanding to be picked too, the strawberries are revving up and picking becomes a regular duty rather than an occasional pleasure. ... But this wonderful excess of fresh stuff, frees you up to experiment with new recipes. Usually peas are just a side dish…

Grilled chicken with mustard, vinegar and oil. A recipe I cooked at the Robertsons Spicemaster Challenge. Family Recipes, Family Meals, Supper Recipes, Grilled Chicken, Vinegar, Mustard, Spicy, Grilling, Food Ideas

Live and Spiced Out from the Robertsons Spicemaster Challenge

Spicy, aromatic and fierce with fiery heat... and that is just the atmosphere in the kitchen at the Robertsons Spicemaster event, where I'm one of seven South African food bloggers competing in a Masterchef style mystery box challenge. The mystery ingredients reveal themselves as we are briefed - I spot a whole chicken - how on earth to cook that in 45 minutes flat? We have ten minutes to orientate ourselves, check out the ingredients. Spotting anchovies I'm immediately on an Italian themed…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy just about sums up this pear cake recipe. It comes from my favourite Jane Grigson's Fruit Book (At Table) and she . Family Recipes, Family Meals, Baking Recipes, Cake Recipes, Pear Cake, Easy Peasy, I Foods, Biscuits, Bread

Easy Peasy Pear Cake

Easy peasy lemon squeezy just about sums up this pear cake recipe. It comes from my favourite Jane Grigson's Fruit Book (At Table) and she collected the recipe in France. Youngest was looking for something new to bake and since my sister-in-law had just harvested an abundance of pears from her tree, all of which were begging to be used up quickly, I turned to the pear section of the book. Two recipes for pear cakes sat side-by-side, both French, both very similar. Youngest chose this one…

Strawberry Jam recipe to preserve all those gorgeous berries for the rest of the year. Jam Recipes, Family Recipes, Family Meals, Baking Recipes, Strawberry Jam Recipe, Fruit Salad, I Foods, Preserves, Food Ideas

Strawberry Jam Season - And The Recipe

Strawberries have been an intrinsic part of my October and November life since before my blog began. Some years we’ve grown enough to sell, jam and feast on, others only enough to gather surreptitiously and tell no-one else about, lest we be short of a few jars of jam before the next season rolls in. Two years running we had a strange bug that bothered our strawberries (we grow organically so no sprays) and I spent ages sorting and chopping out the bug bits, jamming the remainder. Strawberry…

The best butter cookie recipe for hearts and any other shapes Family Recipes, Family Meals, Best Butter Cookie Recipe, Baking Recipes, Cookie Recipes, I Foods, Cookie Cutters, Biscuits, Food Ideas

Heart Biscuits

Middle Daughter's first attempt at icing writing There’s something about heart shapes that automatically warm the... um... well... heart! Not that I’m a soppy romantic or anything but they just have a special energy that appeals to everyone, kids or adults. Maybe there are some stony-hearted sceptics who can’t stand them, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who wasn’t a sucker for a heart biscuit. Especially when they taste good, as well as looking delectably pretty. Ever since my Middle Daughter…

Chocolate Tart recipe - a really rich, grown up, decadent one. Tart Recipes, Baking Recipes, Family Recipes, Family Meals, Best Chocolate, I Foods, Biscuits, Cake, Sweet

Chocolate Tart

Good chocolate, dark chocolate, seriously bitter chocolate… how dark can you go? Do you stop at 60% or can you take the almost no sweetness of 85% cocoa solids that stays on your tongue with no holds barred, chocoholic, I’m-in-need-of-a-fix madness. Looking for a chocolate tart recipe for a grown-up dinner party, I was thinking really bitter chocolate in a light pastry case: dark chocolate flavour and richness to complement an orange sorbet and the guava parfait that I’d just discovered…