South African rusks recipe - home-made rusks as good as Ouma's!

I haven& written about food for so long. My children keep stealing the show, grabbing attention with their doings and sayings.

South African Crustless Milk Tart Recipe - the cheat's version without pastry but just as delicious.

South African Crustless Milk Tart A couple of days ago, on a winter afternoon, with an over-supply of milk from the weekend about to hit it.

Mulberry muffins - a delicious and easy recipe

It’s early for a weekend morning. Consciousness dawns and with it a reminder that I need to bake muffins for my husband to take in to his p.

Cape Gooseberry pavlova with passion fruit. Delicious slightly tart fruit and meltingly sweet meringue

Food & Family: Cape Gooseberry Pavlova for the Taste of Yellow Monthly Mingle

Malva Pudding Recipe - one of South Africa's signature desserts - an easy home-baked version

Malva Pudding ~ Along with many other traditional South African dishes it gives a nod to the Netherlands for its origins. Essentially a baked cakey pudding, soaked in a rich creamy sauce, sometimes served with poached apricots alongside.

Aloo Gobi recipe - If you can't bend it like Beckham, at least you can cook aloo gobi.

Lamb Dopiaza recipe - the other half of the picture is a delicious fragrant and tender curry.

Italian Spinach Torta recipe from Marcella Hazan. Great main dish for vegetarians.

A Sunday roast tends to be meat-centric by its very definition. The crispy roast potatoes, the steamed veggies, the baked butternut are a.

Quiche Recipe with Fresh Peas - peas freshly picked from the veggie garden

Our veggie garden is in prolific spring mode – for a few weeks we have fresh peas in gluttonous abundance, it’s all or nothing, famine or f.

Grilled chicken with mustard, vinegar and oil. A recipe I cooked at the Robertsons Spicemaster Challenge.

Spicy, aromatic and fierce with fiery heat. and that is just the atmosphere in the kitchen at the Robertsons Spicemaster event, where I'.

Food & Family: Easy Peasy Pear Cake

Easy peasy lemon squeezy just about sums up this pear cake recipe. It comes from my favourite Jane Grigson's Fruit Book (At Table) and she .

Strawberry Jam recipe to preserve all those gorgeous berries for the rest of the year.

Strawberry Jam recipe to preserve all those gorgeous berries for the rest of the year.

The best butter cookie recipe for hearts and any other shapes

Middle Daughter's first attempt at icing writing There’s something about heart shapes that automatically warm the.

Chocolate Tart recipe - a really rich, grown up, decadent one.

Good chocolate, dark chocolate, seriously bitter chocolate… how dark can you go?