Kit Heathcock

Kit Heathcock

Cape Town, South Africa / Writer and blogger living on a farm outside Cape Town, with three kids, gorgeous views, baking bread, a herb garden, good books and a straw bale house.
Kit Heathcock
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Old-fashioned Ginger Cake -  my favourite everyday cake

No tweaking, no ‘making it my own’ was needed for this lovely moist, aromatic ginger cake.

Ginger nuts are even better home-made!

There’s something about ginger nuts. Nowhere near as glamorous as a chocolate biscuit, lacking the festive credentials of shortbread or th.

Food & Family: Potato salad with creamy avo-nnaise dressing - a healthy and delicious alternative to mayonnaise!

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve really started liking potato salad. Up till then I was always put off by the vats of bought mayo.

Midwinter bonfire and full moon at our 2013 Winter festival

Midwinter bonfire and full moon at our 2013 Winter festival

Food & Family: A Natural Flea Trap

Living on a farm with dogs, fleas are one of those banes that we are almost never without. Cold weather brings a little respite, but with t.

Leftover Spaghetti Omelette - worth making extra pasta to have leftovers for this recipe.

Leftovers are always a gift to busy mothers. one less meal to think up, just a matter of cooking up some rice and heating through the lef.

Ginger and oat biscuits

Ginger Oat Cookies on A Quiet Saturday Morning