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These 6 tummy-tightening routines will tackle those trouble spots AND strengthen your core! - Life And Shape


This Tone It Up booty work out is awesome. I see the difference already and really is a fun routine. Really like Tone it up

Sculpt your core with these moves.

These exercises really work! Just stay on top of them and you will Get these hot abs with this workout! These are awesome core exercises you can do at home!

Funny Pick-up Line Sticky Notes for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. These are so funny and you can print right onto the sticky notes- they show you how!

Give your spouse a chuckle while you flirt with them using these adorable, quick and easy Pick Up Line Sticky Notes that are perfect for any time!

date ideas for those nights when you don't know what to do ... or y'know, things I would do with my best friends next time one of us proclaims, "Whadda you wanna do?"

Unusual Date Ideas that actually sound like a lot of fun. Maybe I could just do some of these with a friend, because one does not simply need a date to be awesome.

fitnessforevertips: “Make 2017 your year! ”

Work your booty from all angles and make it pop with these 10 butt exercises for women. An intense 30 minute workout that will bring your muscles to full fatigue while keeping your heart rate up!