Durban Bunny Chow! Yum.

Bunny chow - South Africa's own street food

South African Bunny Chow Recipe ~ made with or loaf of fresh bread, scoop out centre and fill with curry or stew.


Durban is South Africa’s holiday makers dream and with all it has to offer, it is imperative one would need some sort of direction on the where to go to find the best holiday attractions.

Durban - South Africa

John Ross House, Durban - South Africa (The Roma Revolving Restaurant just visible on left)

Statue of Queen Victoria, Durban

Photos and pictures of: Statue of Queen Victoria, Durban, South Africa - The Africa Image Library

Skyscraper, Durban, South Africa

Photos and pictures of: Skyscraper, Durban, South Africa - The Africa Image Library

Market in Durban City

Photos and pictures of: Market at the Workshop Shopping Centre, Durban, South Africa