And now for some DRY WORS, a popular South African snack, this one made of venison. Lexi Mills says it's one of the top 10 foods she and other South African expats miss

This is an air dried sausage - much like the well-known biltong.


South African cuisine - a delicious Biltong Potjie for the Monthly Mingle at What's For Lunch, Honey?

Biltong Recipe

Outstanding Biltong Recipe – Tried and tested.

amendment – another biltong recipe (cognac-flavoured biltong) can be found here]South Africa is enjoying the afterglow of the Soccer World Cup and if you were brave enough to visit our …

South African Jerky | Biltong ♥ #SouthAfrican Speciality

Making Biltong - Make biltong the South African way

Step by step guide to make biltong - A free biltong recipe Biltong - A cured meat that originated from South Africa and often compared to the American jerky.Biltong is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Not only in South Africa, but also to.

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