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Braaivleis (BBQ), Rugby & Sunny Skies.

Anna-Marie Brunger
"Springbok" hairhide pillow (foreground)



“Think Global, Act Local” is the motto for Streetwires, a social enterprise that encompasses the industrious and ingenious spirit of many living throughout Cape Town. In 2000, Patrick Schofield first came up with the idea to establish Streetwires after he was impressed by a working wire and tin radio that a friend had purchased. From that point forward, the idea to fight poverty by selling wire and bead art now provides permanent employment and business training to over 120 artists.

Traditional African shwe-shwe fabrics

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Bobotie in Enamel Mugs at Londolozi

A Late Lunch at Londolozi | Londolozi Blog

The long hot days of summer are over and the Londolozi wilderness is now experiencing the pleasurable autumn months in what is widely considered to be the best time of ...

Amarula Cheescake

Amarula Cheesecake Recipe -

5 reviews
1.5 hours

As called several times, the Amarula Queen, and the love of cheesecakes, I had to post this recipe. Taking the ingredients of my favorite cheesecake and adding a little Amarula this makes a decadent, rich and creamy cheesecake that gets rave reviews. This was in my Secret Recipes, but I decided to go ahead and make it public for Zaar! I always bake my cheesecakes in a water bath... this makes them really moist.

Afrikaans <3

SA Poetry Girl

There are only 3 choices in love: freedom, or madness, or death. If you cannot be free and you dare not face death you must go mad. And do you know what happens to a woman who goes mad? Internal combustion. She burns. That's what happens. She burns. ~Andre Brink~

Liefling-kussing - oulik én Afrikaans!

Koesisters - Cape Malay "Doughnuts"

Koesisters - Cape Malay "Doughnuts"

Koesisters are little fried dumplings that are a Cape Malay twist on the more traditional South African pastry "Koeksister". The Cape Malay community is a vibrant ethnic group that call most of the Western Cape region of South Africa home. They are originally of Javanese descent, brought from modern-day Indonesia as indentured labourers. Their culture and ethnic traditions have left an indelible mark on present day South Africa, from the influence of curry in South African cuisine (and their…