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Kimone Poonasamy
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Hi lovelies! It's been forever since I've seen your beautiful faces. If you haven't been keeping up with my other social medias, I've been contaminated with mono. Yes, mono. I know, I know, utterly...

Burgundy: Red, purple and brown mix. I think it’s a nice color. This hair color indicates more prominent eyes. This color-matched to each skin color. I chose the most beautiful hair color.

Love love love love this!!! My hair used to be like this :-D may need to go back to it for summer... And lighten my hair a bit!

Fall color maybe? Dark red rich hair color with caramel highlights. I really like the randomness of her highlights, but there aren't enough to really make a statement or have much effect on her hair.

Cherry Ripe Hair Color Idea

Red hair is always in fashion and although the shade of red might change, the color itself is in style every season. Do you remember the bright pillar-box reds Rihanna was rocki

LOVE this hair color.. and the waves. I've got to figure out the best way for me to get waves like this that doesn't take forever in the morning

I want this hair color & highlights! Beautiful Brunette Hair with highlights and Layers. It's hard to get highlights right for dark hair, but this looks great!

audrina's hair colour

Think brunette means boring? Brunette long hairstyles are so versatile and brown hair looks perfect in an updo or worn long and loose. If.