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if you didn't know...Cheery blossoms are my favorite flower, -MO

Japanese Cherry Blossom: Your Japanese Cherry Festival Questions… Answered! What period is the best one to see Cherry Blossom, Kyoto Cherry Festival, end of February What spot could I probably see some cherry blossom at that time

Music Problems.... I've done this so many times. I can't believe the unconscious muscles memory.

Or completely spacing out while marching but continuing to play correctly because the marching band music has been fried into your brain

You will understand how funny this is of you read sheet music.

Gotta love music humor… my dad was an amazing musician. I had to recall what sheet music said with the help of these puns. Looks like it's time to hit the books.

This has totally happened to me before

This is the complete opposite of the clarinet. You play the entire song with not even a beat of rest.

This was absolutely true for me in band. Like yay you play clarinet but damnit you're too good at it.

Problem viola players don't have ( our main clef is somewhat easy)

Haydn e Bach dei dilettanti, Beethoven spiccio. This collection of treble clefs that will make you feel better about drawing your own.