Ease your child's anxieties of going back to school with a touch of humour.

School lunch jokes to paste in your child's school lunch box.

An example of how an understanding of your child's learning style, personality and behaviour can help you choose the right school or learning environment for them.

If Your Child Is Showing Symptoms of ADHD, There Is Help Out There! - Ottawa Mommy Club - Moms and Kids Online Magazine : Ottawa Mommy Club – Moms and Kids Online Magazine

Some of the different schooling options to consider for your child.

Choosing a school overseas: local or international school? Here are some of the questions you might want to consider before making that decision.

A description of auditory and visual processing disorders, causes, symptoms and assistance for it.

Teaching Peace with Elyse: A Big Idea for Summer Fun

Here is a list of questions to ask the pre-schools which will give you an idea of what some of your requirements may be.

Preschool Bible activities are always in demand by Sunday School teachers, VBS leaders, and Christian teachers. Find excellent planning ideas and suggestions here.

Tips on how to avoid unforeseen costs and unmet expectations.

"When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.For lack of knowing how to vamp, I did become a ballerina.

A list of what a good Pre-school/Day Care should offer and provide, to further assist you in your decision making process.

Tips for Making Friends at School from The Educators' Spin On It Wondering if the boys will resist meeting new people since they have each other - may come in handy!

How can a parent help to make it easier for their child to adapt to a nursery or pre-school?

"Top Ten Most Ridiculous Comments Heard at an IEP Meeting" by Dennise Goldberg. Great article outlining children and parents' rights regarding education and the IEP meeting.

Tips and advice on back to school headaches.

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Sharing information, educational material and resources with parents, teachers, pupils and educators.

Information for parents, teachers, and caregivers on ways to help the young children of New Hanover County get ready for success in reading, school, and life. Describes services teachers and children will recieve in this program.

To understand tens and units is the most basic requirement for foundation phase.

Kindergarten - Elementary Mathematics- lot's of common core resources-scope/sequence, planning guide, practice posters in kid-friendly language, etc

How to encourage children to have a positive attitude about the back to school experience.

How to encourage children to have a positive attitude about the back to school experience.

Identifying the three main learning styles and their appropriate learning methods.

Dyslexia makes learning a frustrating experience for students. There are some strategies that parents and teachers can use to help their students learn. There are also some learning strategies that the dyslexic students can use to help themselves learn.