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Kyara De Sousa ❤

Kyara De Sousa ❤
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i hate these, where it gets us to repin just because they say that something bad will happen if you don't tell God you love Him or something. I'm pretty sure He doesn't like it when we repin just because we're scared, and/or tell Him that we love Him just because we don't want anything bad to happen to us.

Not pinning for the chain mail, but for the overall message of the pin. I think God could careless how many people you send it to , just that you trust in him . Not sure if it counts to just pin it on your biggest board.


Did it I'm typing upside down this is easy<<<Yep>>>Who said it was hard?<<<<this is such a lie maybe some people cannot do it but majority can. I aw typing upside down>>>im doing ma. hard I give np lol jk


Just because I love God. I don't care if he does me a favor, a pin can't dictate that! I pin this because I want to let everyone now that I am proud to be Christian and God loves all of us