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Elsa is great! Don't mess with her. Even if you have an empire and a 200 million-man army, don't even try. It's not worth it. Even if you go all modern and have nukes and tanks and better ships and jet planes, just don't try. Elsa controls the elements of winter. A power that she can use to destroy your country's economy, agriculture, military, and industry all in one go. So word of advise: Don't even think the word INVASION, or you will be frozen like an eternal ice statue. lol XD

Elsa isn't just a queen. She's a badass queen with ice powers who can basically force any of the surrounding nations to do whatever she wants them to. All hail Elsa, the Snow Queen!

Lykan Hypersport, $3.4 mil.

Lykan Hypersport, 24 karat gold stitching, jewels in the headlights, holographic display system

Guess I like to collect things. Here are some memes that have been found around the internet and perhaps been featured in a Rabbit Ramb...

The first time my bunny oldest bunny - Fred - did this, i panicked at first then I saw he was breathing and I literally felt so stupid.

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