Kiara Kassebaum

Kiara Kassebaum

Kiara Kassebaum
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Ha I'm punk rock princess I'm Irish let's see how far it will go<< alright, the lemon made it to Kansas. Keep runnin', lemon.

For lemon Gerard. <<--I swear when I read this I could smell lemon. My friend WAS eating skittles beside me at the time, though. That probably explains it.<<--my mom saw this and said what the hell is lemon Gerard and then I was like JESUS

Theres no doubt about it.

I'm proudly married to one. Emotional or physical, stand proud with your partner<<<<I have scars and honestly was so scared when my boyfriend saw them.

I would stay up as Long as it takes to save someone, then talk them into watching anime and reading creepy pasta

Of cores I would do that every life matters and considering I'm a suiside surviver I sold know so wat ever your going through ceep soldering on

*sing in the voice of theme song* spongebobs black parade spongebobs black parade spongeeeyyyyboooobs black paraaade! XD

Just like Gee is Spongebob Mikey is Patrick Frank is Krabs and Ray is Mrs Puff!