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You must repin this.:)

I love my family with all my heart i love you guys forever & always ♥♥♥ you guys really are family to me. More so than my actually family. You guys are ALWAYS there. You guys are so amazing luv u

Liam Payne Imagine

okay this is adorable minus the fact they said "bed, bath, and body works" Is it bath and body works or bed bath and beyond? Liam HATES kissing girls with lipgloss on!

Liam Imagine

Liam Imagine onedirection-dreaming totally me I love the show friends and I cried during that episode

Liam imagine

OK Sorry had to get ur attention! idk if u guys even read these things but im almost to 1000 tell ur friends about my board

Im a Directioner. How many of you guys are!? Comment and lets see! :)

I'm a directioner! And always will be this is the picture on my one direction folder that I have for my chorus class