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a keychain with beads and charms attached to it on a black table top
Soda tab person
two key chains with charms attached to them on a white surface, one has a star and the other has a button
a bunch of different colored beads and charms on a white surface with a pair of scissors
꩜꩜꩜ଓ ♡
a necklace with three little stars hanging from it's side on a polka dot background
19 Items For Everyone Who's Obsessed With "Spirited Away"
Vintage, Phone Charm, Bag Charm, Jewelry Collection, Acessories, Accessorize
a bunch of different kinds of beads with faces on them
Ghibli Necklace Collection by Ideationox on DeviantArt
an assortment of anime keychains with different characters on them, all in various colors
Tower Records x EVANGELION 'Synchro The Music' Collaboration Returns
Neon Genesis Evangelion
several keychains with pictures and charms attached to them sitting on a table next to each other
kiwychu! 's Shop - Depop