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an african man with gold jewelry on his head and other people in the back ground
Africa | Portrait of King Bonoua, Ivory Coast. Photo was taken December 2009 in Bonoua, Sud-Comoé | © Georges Courreges, via Flickr
a man dressed in traditional garb and headdress holds bananas on his shoulders
Ashanti People
The Ashanti live in central Ghana in western Africa approximately 300km. away from the coast. The Ashanti are a major ethnic group of the Akans in Ghana, a fairly new nation, barely more than 50 years old. Ghana, previously the Gold Coast, was a British colony until 1957. It is now politically separated into four main parts. Ashanti is in the center and Kumasi is the capital.
Ghanaian Aesthetic, Kumasi Ghana, Quilts Vintage, Gold Finger Rings, Black Consciousness, Kitenge
SOVA: Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives
a close up of a person wearing gold rings and bracelets on their hands,
Ashanti Gold - Ethnic Jewels Magazine
a man dressed in an elaborately designed outfit and crown sitting on a wooden chair
Meet King Bansah: Part-Time Monarch, Full-Time Auto Mechanic
a statue of a man sitting on a chair with a cane in his hand and wearing an elaborate headdress
Meet King Bansah: Part-Time Monarch, Full-Time Auto Mechanic
a man dressed in traditional african clothing and holding a golden object with both hands while sitting down
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