Denel D6 Self Propelled Artillery vehicle from South Africa.

Denel Self Propelled Artillery vehicle from South Africa. With Battlefield Radar instantly pinpointing your position, Artillery needs to be able to "shoot and scoot".

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Buffel of Sri Lankan Army (manufactured in South Africa on Unimog chassis)

South African designed and manufactured G6 can shoot its standard projectile to a range of 30km, base-bleed projectiles to a range of 39km, or V-Lap projectiles to 50km!! It fires at a rate of 3 rounds per minute. It is the world's most powerful gun on a self-propelled chassis.

South African Arms Control Questioned

There is controversy in South Africa's Parliament over opposition claims that the government committee which is meant to approve arms sales abroad has failed to control the export of South African-made weapons and has sold ammunition to Zimbabwe

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