HP - Photoball (ENG) by AlmapBBDO Internet

HP Photoball - A giant bouncing photo ball which gives a whole new perspective to a music festival!


exFEARiential - Canadian ad agency St John has created a brilliant spoof mocking the prankvertising craze. Babies are snatched from mothers and people are dragged from their beds at gunpoint all in the name of exFEARiential advertising.

Red Cross: Balloon

Red Cross: Balloon / Every day children need you to roll up your sleeves. Helium-filled balloons designed like blood bags are distibuted to encourage blood donation.

Fantastic Delites: How far would you go? - Delite-o-matic

‘Delite-o-matic’: How far would you go for a free vending machine snack? Certainly worth a watch . and if you in marketing . Rather a good idea!

The Invisible Flyer - Missing Children - Almacén

The Invisible Flyer - Missing Children - Almacén Love this very powerful campaign in Argentina.

Coca-Cola: The Cheering Truck

We all remember the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine and all the creative guerrilla marketing campaigns they've shown us. Well, they are back with the Cheering Truck!

RainCity Housing: Bench, 1

RainCity Housing provides specialized housing and support services for the homeless. To help communicate this, we created a transit bench that transforms into a temporary shelter for those in desperate need. When the roof is …

Cerveza Salta: Rugbeer

The Rugbeer Machine, created by Ogilvy for Salta Beer, is the first ever vending machine that only gives a cold beer when tackled. To make the experience a whole, the machine features a potency meter, side protections and a base of dew covered grass.


Say hello to "Temptation Telephone"! This piece of support media effectively dares the customer to be transported into a place of free make-overs and fame.

Gillette: Light it Up

Gillette: Light it Up - Get Started Team USA Procter & Gamble is among the most visible sponsors and partners of the 2012 Olympic Games with activation of many different brands.

Voyages-Sncf.com: The Escape Service

Voyages-Sncf.com: The Escape Service

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Outdoor advertisment created by Binder, Brazil for Movimento de Mulheres, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Carlsberg: Bikers in Cinema Stunt

Carlsberg stunts in Belgium with 148 bikers in a movie theatre.