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A Fun Infographic of Popular Wedding Traditions | Fashion, Costume Jewellery and Hair Accessories Blog - Glitzy Secrets

weddingwonder: Why do we wear wedding rings on the left hand? Bridesmaids to confuse evil spirits? Glitzy Secrets put together some fun facts about wedding traditions and the meaning behind them.

What drives customer loyalty? 55% said the ability to easily find information or request help!   What are you really doing to achieve your lottery player/customer's loyalty? Know more at on how you can give your lottery/gambling customers what they want! #mobilelottery #onlinelottery

The customer experience drives customer loyalty, making each and every interaction between a customer and employee a key touch point.

The heart and soul of a company lies in its employees, and just as a body functioning as a whole does its best work, an engaged workforce striving for the same goals boosts business.  To engage your employees more than ever, check out these nine tips every manager should know to bring out the best in each of their most valuable assets.

Employees play a crucial role in every business whether it’s at a small scale or a large scale. The success, growth and pride of a business stay on its employees too. The work they do, the way they solve client …