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a palm tree in front of a house with white walls and grass on the ground
Beach House Exterior
a white house with a pool in front of it
Kelle Howard bought a Queensland beach shack. In 8 months, she turned it into a European oasis.
an aerial view of a living room and kitchen area with the ocean in the background
Hart House by Casey Brown Architecture
a house with a pool in front of it and an outdoor dining area on the other side
Mt Martha Beach Houses - C Kairouz Architects
an open floor plan with stairs leading up to the upper level and ocean view in the background
Gallery of Lefevre House / Longhi Architects - 9
an empty swimming pool in front of a stone wall and wooden roof above it is a lounge chair
The Beach House
there is a surfboard and plant in front of the door to this modern house
A modern beach house in Blairgowrie is the perfect escape
a white bed with blue sheets and pillows in a bedroom next to two end tables
Shelf Decoration
a living room filled with lots of furniture and large windows overlooking the ocean in front of it
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