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a large multicolored chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a lobby area
Spencer Finch
a stained glass window in a church with multiple colors and designs on the windowsill
Stained glass Panel - Title: Grebes
a stained glass wall light hanging on the side of a white wall in a room
Best article about APPLIQUE MURALE TIFFANY | by Hanifah Ihsani | Medium
an art glass sculpture hanging on a chain with the words, christ corrie - glass
The premier fine arts festival in the Washington, DC area
a multicolored stained glass chandelier hanging from a chain on a gray wall
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two large stained glass windows with abstract designs on them, one is open and the other has a vase in front of it
a stained glass window sitting in the corner of a room next to a mannequin
Stained Glass
a stained glass window in a dark room
Dalle de Verre
Dalle de Verre
two stained glass windows in a room with a table and chair next to each other
Stained glass portfolio - examples of work by Dave Griffin
an entryway with stained glass and metal handrails
Modern/hedendaags - Artglas
Modern/hedendaags - Studio Artglas