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four bags with the words don't look now written on them sitting on a table
Are you a teacher? Then you're gonna love this list of classroom hacks that will not only save you time, money, and your sanity!
paper spiderwebs are the perfect halloween craft for kids and adults to make with their own hands
These paper spiderwebs are so easy to make and they look AWESOME! This is such a fun Halloween craft to make with the kids and a great Halloween decoration! I love the pipe cleaner spider!
an outdoor play area made out of plastic eggs
Do it Yourself Outdoor Party Games {The BEST Backyard Entertainment DIY Projects}
DIY Projects - Outdoor Games - DIY Giant Backyard KerPlunk Game Tutorial - fun for barbecues - cookouts - backyard birthday parties DIY Tutorial via allParenting
two lego blocks with numbers on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Putting numbers in order. Practice NOT skipping those teens!
several rolls of colored pom poms next to two wooden sticks and some cotton balls
Toilet Paper Roll Color Match
Wrap toilet paper rolls with different colors of construction paper. Then label each roll with the color that is wrapped around it. Provi...
a woman standing in front of a stack of plastic containers filled with different types of labels
I start moving into my classroom tomorrow! Here’s to carefully moving furniture so I don’t scuff up the waxed floors and start off on the…
the word diy foam paint spelled out on a piece of paper
Kids Can Learn How to Upcycle Their Old Clothes into Cool Bracelets
Foam Paintgoodhousemag
a blue and red ball sitting on top of a table
Activities and Tips for the First Day of School
Teaching in Paradise: Activities and Tips for the First Day of School