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Rant time: This is what bothers me about society. I believe that it's possible to find love without looking for people based on appearance, but society makes it sooooo hard for people to do so that all the best people have the hardest time getting anyone to love them (romantically) while all the attractive people get everyone to go for them, even the "good" people who supposedly go for people with substance. It just makes no sense. Let's only like nice people and be nice, pretty or not.

"The parents, teachers and all the people say the most important thing is inner beauty, not your appearance. But the saddest thing is nobody will love you if you are so kind, but not beautiful"

Ingmar Bergman, OK, sorry long quote. Bergman found this in his films, which was often about hopelessness. I think one of the ways to become aware or "awake" is through art, which many films are.

'What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can't afford an education?' I love this because of how true it could be, that someone somewhere that cannot afford a real education could one day do something amazing.