Traditional African shwe-shwe fabrics

Range of materials (all same colour or various colours) for a background, strip of colour, etc? Indigo Blues could be mixed for seating surfaces on upholstery pieces


Tswana couple - traditional wedding in SA

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Tswana Tradition

Izithombe ze shweshwe dresses for Women 2018 - Styles Art


Awesome African Shweshwe Dresses for Women 2017 - Reny styles

Khosi Nkosi @ YDE

Khosi Nkosi @ YDE

Tswana traditional wear

Tswana people are Niger-Congo or Bantu-speaking people including all the Sotho-Tswana clans residing either in Botswana, Lesotho or South A.

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Sishweshwe prints - iconic prints of the Basotho tribe of South Africa.

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