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a white and yellow photo with the words snowboarding written in black ink on it
Image about tumblr in quotes by lara on We Heart It – Blog İki
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#decemberaesthetic - Merle
two texts from the same person on their cell phone, one is telling them how to stop
How dull to love ypur life worbour any hills to die on
two tweets that are on the same page, one has an image of a baby
Agreed. I always felt like something was off when people compared the two, or made millennial out to be like the new boomers. I think the dynamic is different.
the tweet is being used to describe women in bee keeping facebook groups going to a dark place i didn't expect
the tweet has been posted to someone on twitter, and it looks like they are
I did not know this and suddenly feel that, yeah, maybe I would enjoy that film. << imma check that out
the tweet was posted on twitter
So...end of "mark of athena"; "They fell into Tarturus and liked happily ever after."?!? Actually that would be hilarious!
an image of a woman holding her stomach with the caption, it's 2017 grandpa we eat as now
an email to someone who is not talking on the phone, and has been sent
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funny, lol, and tumblr image
an email to someone who is not talking on the phone, and it looks like they are
Tumblr Tuesday 6-23 - Strange Beaver
Funny tumblr post