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There are lots of different ways to succeed in college, but I'm pretty sure most students like having a good GPA. This semester I got A's in all my classes and I would like to share some of the main reasons for my success. Of course there isn't one way to get a good grade in a class, but perhaps these methods will work for you as well!

Sometime during high school I realized that I was a was a good student. After that, I realized that I had to work to keep it that way. I actually wish I had realized these… View Full Post

Hahaha! This is one of the most true things I've ever read about me and my sign.

Aries don't give a fuck how beautiful you are, if you show one aspect of ugly personality it's over for you. - So true.

Talk to me as an equal. not be condescending towards me...I will spit in your food and watch you eat it. I always win.

Talk to me as an not be condescending towards me.I will spit in your food and watch you eat it. I always win. If I'm not your equal, I'm on top.