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the table is set with purple and white flowers, candles, and napkins on it
A Lavender And Champagne Filled Wedding Highlighting The Best Of Provence
the table is set with white flowers and greenery on it, along with candles
MISSPIN 8FT Eucalyptus and Willow Leaf Garland with Artificial Flowers Fake Flower Peony Rose Vine Greenery Decorative Wall Hanging Plant for Wedding Arch Backdrop Door Arrangement Party Decor (White)
PRICES MAY VARY. Width Upgrade Garland - Each package includes one eucalyptus garland with artificial flowers. Our flower garland is different from other garlands in the market, our garlands are wider, and use a greater number and variety of flowers. Plenty of Accessories - We use 11 different kinds of elements, 6 kinds of artificial flowers,2 different kinds of leaves, 2 kinds of greeneries, and some pcs of white berries in one garland to make the overall tone soft and bright. Elegant Design -
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a white table next to another bouquet with blue and pink flowers