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a happy birthday card with flowers on it
a watercolor painting of a bicycle with flowers in the basket on it's front wheel
Watercolor Bicycle AM - Maureen Marks Art
Come paint this 9 x 12 bike in your choice of colors! Bike will be sketched onto paper for you. Basket and flowers will be freehand. If you’ve taken my class before this is a great next step! If you’ve never taken watercolor, no worries! I’ll walk you through step by step. Chose AM or …
Easy watercolor flower tutorial
You can use these simple steps to make all kinds of flowers Here is an elaborated version of the steps 1. Decide how many petals your flower needs, then make a few dots ( half the amount of petals total) leaving space in between the dots (you will be making more) 2. Use water or a contrasting color to pull the dots into the petal shape you desire. Let those petals dry COMPLETELY 3 . Once dry, repeat steps 1&2 , placing the dots in the space between the petals you just made Try it out and see how many different flowers you can make with these steps and be sure to save this for later or share it with your art loving friends! #watercolorflowers #watercolorflorals #watercolorart • #watercolorpainting #flowerwatercolor #botanicalwatercolor #watercolorbouquet • #watercolorweddi
A loosely painted pink flower!
Painted with equinox 8 round brush @kingartco
a birthday card with a glass of wine
Wine/Aperol Happy Birthday Card
a piece of paper with a birthday cake on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Birthday card
a hand holding up a card that says happy father's day with mountains in the background
Handpainted Watercolor Mountain Landscape View Customizable Father's Day Greeting Card for Dads, Grandpas, Husbands, or anyone!