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a necklace with a poem on it that says i'll soon walk down the aisle to join your family tree thanks for raising the man of my dreams love
Touchstone Crystal ‐ Because we believe all women deserve to shine every day!
a card with a message on it that says,'to my amazing mom you may not have given me the gift of life, but life has given me the gift of
Bonus mom gift from bride, Bonus mom necklace, Stepmom wedding gift from the groom, Dainty pearl
a mother and son necklace set with two interlocked rings in gold on a card
Mother of Groom gift from Bride,Thank you for raising the man of my dreams,Mother in Law necklace
the bridal's emergency kit is shown in blue and white, with an image of
Be prepared: a guide to wedding day emergency kits - I DO Y'ALL
an info sheet showing the different types of font and numbers in each type of text
A Guide to Table Seating and Linen Sizes — how to make a wedding floor plan with table cloth guides