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a drawing of a rooster with numbers on it
Roosters to wake you in the morning
McCall's Magazine Rooster Pattern
a mosaic plate with a circular design on it
craft home decor: mosaic ideas - crafts ideas - crafts for kids
Mosaic Craft Ideas | craft home decor: mosaic ideas - crafts ideas - crafts for kids
an artistic mosaic design with many colors and patterns
Showcase Mosaics | Custom Artwork | 360-927-5402
Showcase Mosaics
a fish is painted on the side of a building with blue and green tiles around it
Online Tile Store - Shop Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass, Stone, Vinyl
Big fish. Awesome Mosaic
a colorful mosaic table with lots of different colors and designs on it, sitting in the grass
SOLD Mosaic Table, 'light Box', Spiral, Mosaic Art SOLD - Etsy
Mosaic table top, 'light box', spiral, mosaic art
a painting with waves and houses on it
mosaic waves and landscape, valeriane leblond
a painting of a house with lots of decorations on the front and side of it
Mosaics house
an artistic photo of a building made out of rocks and stones with plants growing in the windows
Mary Quite Contrary
Mosaic house
a red and yellow mosaic art piece
Abstract "Esther"
a colorful glass sculpture sitting on top of a green bench
SOLD Mosaic Art, Mosaic Peacock Chest of Draws SOLD - Etsy
Peacock themed chest of drawers with fused glass
a mirror that is sitting on top of a mosaic tile wall with rocks and stones around it
Gorgeous frame for mirror
blue and white tile with circles on it
12 Incredible Mosaics from Around the World & Web
Blue spirals
a blue mosaic tile floor with circular designs on it
Ringfort : work in progress
Blue and blue table top mosiac