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Explore the art of Darren Bartley, concept artist at Ubisoft in Montreal, and his gallery of characters

agentpepperpotts:  kavichi  The future is in our hands.

It went in through my hand. Hannah went and hugged me and yelled at him. I looked at my hand. I was one of them. ((I'm the girl who gets the random magic in her hand))

Useful ergonomic tips and videos to get rid of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) from computer use.

Fully illustrated, body-friendly design of the Floor Desk, plus videos to get rid of RSI (repetitive strain injury) from daily computer use.

Repetitive strain injury

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Saatchi Online Artist: Alberto Baldelli; Digital 2011 New Media "Tree Code"

This is what my computer screen has started doing ~ if I disappear carry on ~ I'll be back : photo credit : Alberto Baldelli; Computer Art, New Media Art "Tree Code"