My creations

11 Pins
a sign that says vegan hanging from a chain with flowers on the bottom and words vegan above it
a sign that says monique hanging from a chain with flowers on the bottom of it
an image of a cat frame with buttons on the front and back side, sitting on top of a table
Photo frame
there are two frames with hearts on them and one is made out of plastic buttons
Photo frame
Paper shoes Baby Shoes, Clothes, Paper Shoes
Paper shoes
Paper shoes
Paper shoes
there are two small mirrors with flowers on the top and one has a flower decoration
Foto frames
a wooden sign with beads hanging from it's sides and the word geneviee spelled in large letters
Adding something
a sign that says equine hanging from a chain on a wall next to a person's foot
For a friend's baby shower
a sign that says geneewie with flowers hanging from it's side on a wall