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a baseball sticker that says, let the ball come to you
Psalm 96:12 Baseball Let the Field Be Joyful Vinyl Car | Etsy
a mirror with flowers on it sitting in the middle of a carpeted floor next to a wall
Not this but decorate the mirror somehow is a good idea!
there are two pictures with glitter on them and one has a light switch plate in the middle
Bedroom – DIY Creation
We all want the dreamy bedroom set up that we see in stores like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Pottery Barn – you know, everything perfectly in place, decor that looks like it appeared straight out of a magazine, and furniture that clearly cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the money to achieve these goals. Here’s something I learned when I moved out of my parent’s house this past year: every single piece of home decor or furnit #bedroomdiyideas
an image of how to make a mermaid fin hair clip with text overlay that reads, how to make a mermaid fin hair clip
Mermaid Fin Hair Clip Craft
Love mermaid hair? This easy mermaid fin hair clip craft is a great way to get the look without the commitment of hair dyes. Makes a great mermaid activity for birthday parties or as a rainy day project for kids. Pair this mermaid fin clip with colorful hair extensions & you've got an inexpensive mermaid hair option!
christmas wreaths and ornaments laid out on the floor
Ornament wreaths, Great DIY Christmas gifts :) Good for if you live with roommates. #ChristmasWreaths
there are two pictures of food being made on the grill and in the process of cooking
How to Make a Coral Reef Decoration - by Press Print Party!
Mesh tubing coral reef craft perfect accent for your mermaid party or for a fun ocean themed craft day.
there is a clipboard with many different colored ribbons on it
summer camp! Probably good for older kids as an optional activity station - yosemitebob
summer camp! Probably good for older kids as an optional activity station
a bouquet of white and blue flowers in a glass vase on a counter top with green moss
Centerpiece-cute hat centerpiece derby day, Mother’s Day...