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an open field with orange flowers in the foreground and hills in the back ground
Dargle Wildlife Sightings – Autumn 2015
2015-05-09 Autumn 01 - Leonotus leonaurus (Wild dagga) with a view of the gorgeous Natal Midlands.
colorful flowers and grasses in a garden
Vintage Világ: A romantikus kert virágai
purple and white flowers are growing in the grass next to some tall grasses on a hill
The Fatal Gift of Beauty
tall grass and flowers in a garden
Garden Delights, Tips & Nik Naks
Drumstick allium interplanted with grasses
an assortment of plants and flowers in a garden with gravel path leading up to building
Sedum, grasses, allium, salvia - in the sun, along the gravel
purple flowers are in the foreground with green grass
Natuurlijke border
some very pretty flowers and plants in the grass
Garden Design | Charlotte Rowe
Hampshire-garden-15-copyright-charlotte-rowe-garden-design 14970736025 O
a path in the middle of a grassy field
Fotoalbum Springzaad
Serpentine path through the meadow. A soft, natural carpet.Uhm, maybe, I don't have to mow for the season?
many orange flowers with green leaves in the background
Top 10 Most Exotic Flowers in the world 1
Banksia is native to mainly Australia and a few found in Papua New Guinea, West Papua, and Aru islands. Banksia easily recognised by their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting "cones" and heads. The flower heads are made up of hundreds to thousand of tiny individual flowers grouped together in pairs and colour of the flower heads usually ranges from yellow to red. Banksia trees can reach up to 30 metres tall.
a grassy path in the middle of a field with trees and bushes on either side