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Finematter Website — 06 by Rron Berisha on Dribbble
an orange and white brochure with images of people in the center, including two women
GRATITUDE - Ace Scholarships 2020 Timeline Pt 1
GRATITUDE - Ace Scholarships 2020 Timeline Pt 1 by Peter Sather for Cactus on Dribbble
two banners with different images and numbers on each one, both in black and white
Graphic Design Portfolio on RISD Portfolios
the front page of a magazine with an image of a man in a suit
Lillet Blanc
Lillet Blanc Image - 2
an image of the inside pages of a magazine or brochure with mountains in the background
Magazine Layout (A4+US)(40 pages)
MAGAZINE is a modern, simple and minimalist magazine template available to use in Adobe Indesign. The magazine contains modern and clean layouts with bold titles and details like automatic page numbering, pages with two-columns, paragraph/character styles for all titles and texts and placeholder boxes for easy image placement. The colors and fonts can be easily edited and the template is designed using free fonts from Adobe Fonts. #graphicdesign