Kathy Mann

Kathy Mann

http://www.kathymann.co.za / I'm a writer on a recovery journey from burnout, mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife.
Kathy Mann
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Once I realized that my life was broken, I had to make changes to many aspects of my life. Only in that way could I recover from burnout fully and the end re.

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In recovery from burnout, I read many books on positive psychology and I studied the science of happiness. I introduced these strategies into my life to tran.

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Like Biorhythms affect us on a daily basis there is another rhythm that influences us. The Traditional Chinese (TCM) medicine has discovered that there is a body clock that is reflected in the energy meridians that are linked to the organs.

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pinner says: Yoga Doodle Art Inspiring Others to Create - There are some basic shapes I use in my Yoga Doodles they are the foundation of every design I ever do so once you practice these shapes you will be able to Yoga Doodle!