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Amy Winehouse had a voice like no other. #music

Her style,the way she didn’t give a dam about what people though of her,her voice,they way she would talk,her big hair i loved.When I was going through my hard time Back To Black alubm was all I listined to.She was AMAZING R.

I want to live in all of the places on this tumblr. Not sure what that says about me.

Hashima, the Japanese ghost island. This is really eerie, a completely abandoned island. Check out these pictures.

Broken windows.

Pic c/o Gems sty You might remember the Broken Windows theory from Gladwell's Tipping Point: the idea that the way to stop big crimes is to clamp down on small ones. How it works is this: 'broken windows', litter, graffiti.

A room in an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

A room in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. I find this unsettling, but really fascinating too. I guess I wouldn't really say I love it (the board it is on) but it is quite fascinating.