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two plates with slices of chocolate cake on them
Easy Sourdough Discard Chocolate Cake - Good Things Baking Co
some cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on them
Sourdough Carrot Cake Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting
1h 0m
blueberry brioche tarts with sourdough in the middle and text overlay
Sourdough Blueberry Brioche Tarts - Made in Motherhood
Soft brioche rolls filled with cheesecake filling make these sourdough blueberry brioche tarts irresistible. Somewhere inbetween a sourdough kolache and a sourdough cheese danish.
blueberry sourdough pastry braid is shown on a cutting board
Sourdough Pastry Braid
a skillet filled with ice cream and cookies
Sourdough Skillet Cookie
Indulge yourself in this Sourdough Cookie Skillet Recipe! A rich symphony of flavors as a gooey, perfectly baked sourdough cookie meets the rustic charm of a cast iron skillet – creating an irresistible treat that's crispy at the edges and delightfully chewy at the center.
2h 15m
a pot filled with dumplings and meat on top of a white table cloth next to a wooden spoon
Chicken and Sourdough Dumplings - Made in Motherhood
Chicken and Sourdough Dumplings - Made in Motherhood
chocolate sourdough disard bread with text overlay
Chocolate Sourdough Discard Bread
2h 0m
a round pastry sitting on top of a piece of paper
101 Instant Pot Recipes For The Complete Beginner
valentine's day sourdough sugar cookie cookies with frosting in the shape of hearts
Cut-Out Sourdough Sugar Cookies - Made in Motherhood
french toast with whipped cream and strawberries on a plate
Sourdough French Toast - The Baked Collective
Sourdough French toast is the classic breakfast, kicked up a notch with tangy and chewy sourdough bread, and takes only minutes to prepare!
soft sourdough breadsticks in a basket on a table
Soft Sourdough Breadsticks - Aberle Home
chocolate brownie cookies on a white plate with the words, sourdough chocolate brownie cookies
Sourdough Discard Chocolate Brownie Cookies
3h 40m
blueberry bagels with cream cheese frosting and fresh berries on the side are shown
Blueberry Sourdough Bagels