Ways to Organize the House

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there is a roll of toilet paper on the wall next to two rolls of black towels
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a pair of yellow rain boots sitting on top of a wooden floor next to books
Put up a wire shelf in the dead space of a closet to corral wrapping paper.
How to fold your sweaters
three plastic containers with holes in them sitting on a table
Get Your LEGO Bricks Organized in Under an Hour! - Love & Renovations
a table with two cell phones on it and a lamp next to it that says diy charging station
I have been talking about making one of these charging stations for literally over a year. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for organization and electronics. Well, it’s been driving me crazy that I have chargers scattered throughout the house. I couldn’t take it any longer and decided it was time to create one space where everything could be charged and housed when not in use. The best part of this project was how simple it was. Supplies. A box. I ended up deciding on this gorgeous floral ...
a book shelf filled with lots of books on top of a blue carpeted floor
IKEA "Bygel" to organise. Useless space behind the door made useful...
a rack that has many different types of ribbons on it and some cups in front of it
Craft Organization {A Sneak Peek!}
Great idea for ribbon storage! I wish that there was an Ikea near me. They have so many inexpensive craft storage items there. I especially like to browse the kitchen section and use item there in different ways.
two white hangers are hanging from the ceiling in front of a wooden cabinet with drawers
Home is Where GreyDock.com Begins. - GreyDock.com
My grandma has one of these in her laundry room and it's very handy!!
an electric cord is plugged into the side of a teal plastic vase on a marble countertop
Quick Tip: Use a Command Hook to hide your mixer cord
there are three ipods plugged into the charger in this box, and one is connected to an mp3 player
Page not found | Refined Lighting Franklite
shoe box craft ideas to hide messy chargers.... OR hide plugs from Miss E !?! Daily update on my blog: ediy3.com Daily update on my site: ediy3.com
the inside of a bathroom with pictures on the wall
Home Organization Supplies for Sale - eBay
Every family has stuff, and every house has an unappealing but necessary thing or two -- a wireless router, a breaker box, soccer cleats, cell phone chargers. Just because these things are needed, doesn’t...
two computers are plugged into the side of a white storage box with wires in it
Wedding Bands, Hiding Cords and Late Parties...
Hide modems, routers, cords, etc in a storage box - duh