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a yellow birdhouse with the words plow and hearth on it's side
Bumblebee Wooden Cottage Birdhouse | Plow & Hearth
You and your backyard buddies are sure to fall in love with this adorable Bumblebee Cottage Birdhouse. This charming little home for feathered friends features all-wood construction and is painted bright yellow with white accents. Features "punched-out" details along the porch and side window trims. The front door is decorated with a gold bee icon making this birdhouse as delightful as it is functional.
a pink birdhouse with white polka dots on it
Had fun with some paint and a little plain birdhouse from Michaels!
a blue birdhouse with daisies painted on it
DIY Birdhouse
a colorful birdhouse hanging from a tree
Rainbow handmade birdhouse
a colorful birdhouse with a clock on the top and paw prints on the outside
someone is painting the birdhouse with flowers on it and then using paint to decorate
Painted Birdhouses - Easy Spring Craft Idea
a bird house with red roof and white polka dots on it
two red dinosaurs with the words dinosaurs didn't read, look what happened to them