Miraculous ladybug fanfiction

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an abstract background with many different shapes and sizes, including the image of red and black circles
four cartoon characters with different facial expressions, one saying do you like ladybug? or if course, every human does i said humans not animals
an image of some cartoon characters with captions in the same language on their faces
the many faces of catwoman from disney's animated movie, which is also in english and spanish
some cartoon characters are talking to each other with captions in the same language on their faces
some cartoon characters are making funny faces and pointing to their fingers at the same person
Can he get any more stupider?
an animated character is talking on his cell phone with the caption that says, i'm hungry
Isn't funny but okay.
an animated image of two women and one man, with the caption'do not post / kagami and marine seeing this? '
WFT guys holding hands what's ur opinion