Welcome to the Matthew Williamson Belle of the Ball Guide for the holiday season 2015. Whether you’re seeking tiny treasures or last-a-lifetime luxury, you’ll find the perfect present. A waterfall wall made of masses of petals of mirror polished stainless steel

3 alternative wall coverings to make your space all at once stunning, sophisticated, unique//3 revêtements mur alternative pour rendre votre espace tout à la fois magnifique, sophistiqué, unique

Waterfall wall: the Petal Wall. David Harber - A waterfall wall created from masses of petals of copper, verdigris copper or mirror-polished stainless steel.

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Bracts Of A Protea Flower By Heinrich van den Berg From The Gallery Art of Nature.

King Protea Stem

You're leaving part of the flower's stem for a base for more flowers like the one that you are cutting. It is crucial to be aware that flowers are usually very fragile and may have to be dyed before drying,

A Protea cynaroides, também conhecida como King Protea, é a maior flor (considerando sua cabeça) do gênero.

Protea: tente não se apaixonar!

A Protea cynaroides, também conhecida como King Protea, é a maior flor…

King Protea flower Photography No.119 Fine by NeeksyPhotography

King Protea flower Photography No.119, Fine Art Photograph, Romantic photography, Soft petals, Blush pink tones

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Charcoal on paper. Melissa Von Brughan Art

Small Pink Ice Proteas all in a row. Charcoal on paper Work in progress Chacoal on paper Charcoal on paper.