Karyn Desouza

Karyn Desouza

Curiosity killed the cat, but a cat has 9 lives
Karyn Desouza
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Vacation - Grey's Anatomy

Community editor Stephanie Wiseman offers some advice on how to get the benefits of a vacation all while staying home.

that quote is so perfect with the gif of Sandra Oh.love it! But shame on the person who doesn't know Greys.

Grey's Anatomy • Stephanie & Amelia

Grey's Anatomy • Stephanie & Amelia


I love the way she says this, haha. "What It Is Like to Have Met "Your Person," As Told By "Grey's Anatomy""


It's like screaming and no one can hear you. You almost feel ashamed that someone can be that important, that without them, you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel helpless, like nothing can save you.

Stellar Suede Patchwork Jeans

This would be really cool with a plain, block colour shirt (Maybe white?) and oversized zip-up hoodie.

The fact that the puppy is eating the dog food that kens body is hanging over...I just don't know how to feel>>>> XD

Is no one going to point out that there is a dead body, which is missing its head, and the head is in the fridge? Also, she's cleaning blood off the floor from the decapitated person