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Frigg was at the highest rank in the Aesir goddesses. In other words, she was the chief goddess in Norse pantheon while her husband was the chief god. Frigg was known as the Earth Mother
From Awakened (a Claymore doujinshi of mine), the label of claymore symbols (currents and since 1th until 4th generation).


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two slices of bread sitting on top of a cutting board
Lithuania Rye Bread Recipe
Lithuanian Rye Bread (Ruginė Duona)
the star pattern is shown in black and white
Nordic Eight Point Star Grid — Aleks Byrd Designs
two men with hair on their heads are depicted in an old black and white drawing
The Old Prussians: the Lost Relatives of Latvians and Lithuanians
the top ten sites in luandaa, where there are many places to visit
Baltic pagan tours
Pagan itinerary in Lithuania map
an article from the new york times on language of lithunia, which was written in 1897
1919 New York Times apie lietuvių kalbą
a group of people standing in front of a large structure with flames coming out of it
One of the most beautiful celebrations with Lithuanian old pagan traditions starting in the late evening 23 rd of June. Saint Jonas' Festival (aka: Rasos, Joninės, Kupolė, Midsummer Day or St. John's Day) is a midsummer folk festival. While midsummer day is celebrated throughout Europe, many Lithuanians have a particularly lively agenda on this day. The traditions include singing songs and dancing, searching for a magic fern blossom at midnight, jumping over bonfires, greeting the rising midsumm
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a green table cloth next to slices of bread
Latvian Sourdough Rye Bread (Saldskaaba Maize)
four wooden crosses sitting in the grass next to a body of water on a cloudy day
Which Baltic God/Goddess Are You?
four different colored flowers with the names of each flower and their corresponding colors are shown
Lievārdes josta, Maiju un seno Latviešu simbolu līdzības, to nozīme!
an older woman sitting in a chair surrounded by wickers and other decorative items
You Can’t Beet These Recipes: vegetable salad with beets (daržovių-mišrainė ar vinagretas), tangy beet salad (burokėlių salotos), ukrainian borsch (ukrainietiški-barščiai), easy borsch (lengvi barščiai) - DRAUGAS NEWS